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Welcome to our

Academy Emotions For Life!

Under the roof Academy | Emotions For Life! We offer you numerous options for your personal development: seminars, workshops, summer school, coaching and active holidays.


In our academy we combine our brands Emotions For Life!, SANATOSHA and Corporate Mental Training and use the synergies of our concepts, know-how as well as the consultants and coaching teams. We can offer you a more targeted and more comprehensive program of continuing education courses.


Our academy has the following main topics:

Life balance (stress management, relaxation, exercise, nutrition)

Creativity and art expression

Personality development



I want to show a way that allows you to feel more balanced, happier and more alive in the long run.


That does not happen over night. This takes courage to deal with yourself and your life. This includes a willingness to change and the motivation to do something. This includes, to acquire new knowledge and behavior re-align. That's quite a lot and therefore one has to ideally have a trusted person who will accompany you on new paths. Just the person I see in myself. I'll go with a trainer, coach, girlfriend, confidence, motivation and a shoulder to lean on, if it is stressful and challenging.


Who I am and what I give to you

The way I work is very creative and relaxing techniques are designed to break habits, " to free you mind", just to think laterally and to activate both hemispheres of the brain. The more options and capabilities we have, the more flexible we can think, feel and act. Body, mind and soul must form a team and coordinate with each other.


Swantje Grauch, owner

Expert for stress management, relaxation techniques and creativity methods



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