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Mallorca Wellness

As we offer our workshop and class programs in Mallorca (Spain), too, we are pleased to offer you a spa massages program in Palma de Mallorca.


Spa Massages

Full body Massage

Pleasantly relaxing body massage

(Feet reflex massage, full body, head and neck massage)

about 90 min. | 90 €


Hot Stone Massage

With hot stones

about 90 min. | 90 €


Ayurvedic Massage

With warm oil

about 120 min. | 120 €


Scrub Massage

Gentle exfoliation for a smooth, delicately perfumed skin

about 35 min. | 35 €


Children's Massage

Gives your child healthy balance between activity and sense of calm

30 min - 60 min.. (d comes on each individual case) | 30 - 60 €


Classic Back Massage

about 40 min. | 40 €


Head Massage

Oriental massage with a special nut oil, stimulates hair growth

about 30 min. | 30 €


Feet Reflex Massage

about 45 min. | 45 €


Medical Massages

Sports Massage

Consisting of acupuncture, traditional massage, specific muscle strain; increases blood flow, cooling, improves performance

about 90 min. | 100 €


Medical Full Body Massage

Relieves pain, helps to dissolve blockages intense and long-term

approximately 50 min. | 60 €


Medical Back Massage

The back massage relieves tension and back pain.

about 30 min. | 40 €


Colon Massage

Solving health problems such as sluggishness, bloating and constipation

approximately 25 min. | 30 €


Other massages available on request.



Our cooperative partner offers massages in and around Palma de Mallorca.

Please direct your inquiries directly to:


Maribel Graterol Romero

Chiromasseurin Palma de Mallorca

  • OLESMA Escuela de Masaje, Palma de Mallorca
  • Instituto de Preparación Profesional la Redoma -Quiromasaje-


Phone: (+34) 650401213