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Relaxation Training

Autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, mindfulness training, Zen Balance


What do we need for life balance?


Meaningfulness, mental toughness, stress management skills, relaxation techniques, appropriate diet, networking, exercising, rest breaks, sovereignty, mindfulness, and so on.

Our company focuses in particular on the strengthening of your life balance.


Our training will give you access to current topics such as relaxation, burnout prevention, work-life balance and stress management skills.


In our pursuit of success that often gets out of balance and life satisfaction gets quickly forgotten. So if we want to be living and working less, it may be helpful to remind ourselves, to something that gives us joy and gives us strength. It's about rediscovering resources that each of us, and revive again. This kind of liveliness may be a new source to draw from you and create something new.


Our most successful and popular course:

Relax and enjoy! 


Relax and enjoy! is a training format that combines knowledge and practice.


Stress surrounds us in everyday life, and remains, rather than walk away. Stress is tricky. But we can guard against it. There are numerous ways: relaxation and stress management.


You get the opportunity to practice western and  far eastern relaxation techniques (such as autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, Zen, yoga and Qi Gong). In addition, you get powerful knowledge about work-life balance and regenerative stress. You will learn what stress is all about and has to do with one's own behavior, how it can improve its own behavior and learn about proper nutrition, rest and how to enjoy a healthy life balance.


Relax and enjoy! is suitable for everyone. The training is very effective and easy to perform. Learnings can be applied alone after quite fast.


Our Course program:

  • ZEN Balance Training
  • After Work Relaxation
  • Relax and enjoy! 
  • Meditation für starters
  • The 6 perls of Balance
  • Autogenic Training
  • Progressive muscle relaxation 
  • Qi Gong

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We offer the relaxation program in Mallorca (Spain), too!


Swantje Grauch

Trainer, Personal Coach

I will advise you personally.

Phone: (+49) 0152-22754596



You find all class dates that are offered in the calender.