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Workshops and Courses

My Life Balance | Workshop

Finding my life balance | Inspiration. Energy. Equilibrium.


This intensive workshop gives you a lot of inspiration and the opportunity to make a personal check-up of your life goals and your lived reality.


The workshop considers various aspects of life, such as life burdens and resources for coping with challenges. You will study your capabilities and scoping abilities and how to live an authentic and happy.


In this workshop you will find creative ways to become more successful in overcomming obstacles and you will strengthen your self-confidence in life handling.


From the contents:

  • The Life Balance Model
  • Personal Positioning
  • Identification of one´s own sources of power and resources
  • Subconscious awareness becomes self-confidenc
  • Energy management, relaxation techniques, exercising and nutrition facts
  • My personal life balance plan strategies for beginning and perseverance


Workshop Price: see price list

* including: documents, materials, water, tea, coffee, fruits and pastries

Dates: calendar


My Emotional Life | Workshop

Self-confidence emotionally | Who I am, who I want to be?


This workshop gives you the opportunity to experience your own needs, desires and goals to watch. It illuminates paths and resources to crack your personal Life-Happiness-Code.


From the contents:

  • Awareness strengthens self-confidence
  • Dreams, visions and goals in life
  • Mindfulness techniques to accept release and to let go
  • Life with all senses
  • Relaxation techniques and positive anchor setting
  • Mental Training- How to optimize your mental performance


The workshop will be supplemented by joint exercises: expressional painting, imagination, mindfulness meditation and simple breathing exercises.


Workshop Price: see price list

* including: documents, materials, water, tea, coffee, fruits and pastries

Dates: calendar


SoulART | Workshop

Senses awakening. How to feel lucky.

Your short vacation for the soul!


A weekend to be creative and let yourselfself fall.


Explore your body and your soul and get to know the secret of happiness feelings. Share your own interests first and let you admire. Wake up your senses. Colors and shapes will inspire your imagination. Pictures will express emotions.


... And then return inspired, refreshed and with new ideas back into your everyday life.


From the contents:

You decide whether you will deal with a personal concern or let yourself go and be guided by the trainer.


The range of creative media and the range of expressive art is great:

  • Painting with acrylic paints, crayons, felt maker, pens
  • Tone for the modeling of objects
  • Illustrated pictures, or natural objects for the collection of collages
  • Stones for the visualization of constellations
  • Figures in the nature of materials that are collected locally (LandART)


This workshop is for everyone! This is not about the creation of art objects. But it's about to try to experiment, to express feelings, to cross border and to carry out your body.


Art is a message from me, about me, me and others. Painting and designing are also movements. The inner motion occurs in the process of painting or designing to the outside. Painting and decorating are symbolization processes.


SoulART is right for you if ...

  • You just need distance and want to take a creative break
  • You want to give your life a new momentum and a powerful direction
  • You want to discover your true inner desires and needs


The task of the coach and the coach

It very much depends on how you want to be accompanied. Numerous exercises will help you in your work: relaxation techniques, meditation, imagination, fantasy travelling, music experiments. The options are great. Everything can be tried and learned.


Workshop Price: see price list

* Including: documents, materials, water, tea, coffee, fruits and pastries

Dates: calendar


SoulART single session: Package prices are possible

Times: by appointment



We offer all workshops in Mallorca (Spain), too!


Swantje Grauch

Trainer, Personal Coach

I will advise you personally.

Phone: (+49) 0152-22754596 



You find all class dates that are offered in the calender.